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The System

This is the build I am working with.

  • Asus X99-A II
  • Intel i7 6850K
  • 64GB RAM
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO
  • Samsung Nvme 950 Pro
  • Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1
  • Windows 10 Enterprise (Default OS)
  • Windows Server 2016 (Dual boot)

Why do I need such a heavy system? I Teach Windows Server as a profession. I need to run plenty of VM’s to test various configurations. The 6 cores & 64GB really come in handy. I went wild and took a 950 Pro Nvme SSD, but i am not really satisfied with the results. VM’s on SSD’s just give amazing performence. ATM i place my parent Disk on the 950 Pro, and the differencing disks on the 850 EVO. So the read writes are balanced when running plenty of VM’s. I am also a gamer, hence the 1070!

As Hypervisor I use Hyper-V. Built-in & supported by default with Windows. I want to test how well the performce is off RemoteFX. RemoteFX is a feature off Remote Desktop. It enables that the graphics are computed on the server. RemoteFX now supports OpenGL 4.x & DirectX 11.x on windows server 2016. & DirectX 11.x on Win 10 Enterprise.

So in theory you could use a zero/thin client with really low specs & remote desktop to your machine running on the server, even for graphic-heavy applications. I was looking for the cheapest option. Altough not tested, it might be a Rasberry Pi with Thinstation (open source) which support Remote Desktop trough RDesktop/FreeRDP. How well the performance is.. remains to be tested.
Who doen’t love The System? I do. I despise it & it is rotten to the core :’)